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  • Cathal McCann

    Head of E-Commerce

  • Adam O'Mahoney

    Warehouse Manager

  • Eoghan Walsh

    Electrical Sales

Career Story Banner Cathal McCann

Describe your role at Harvey Norman.

"As the head of digital and ecommerce team, my primary role is to develop and grow the Harvey Norman Ireland Omni-channel business. Anyone that leads an e-commerce team needs to have multiple skill sets to be successful such as management, creativity, technical knowledge, commercial awareness and marketing."

Describe your typical day working in Harvey Norman.

“As the role is so diverse no two days are ever the same but a typical day starts moments after I wake up by checking my mobile. I check on the traffic and sales over night and, as we work closely with our colleagues in Australia, there are usually a number of emails from that part of the world during the night.”

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

“I lead a team of a dozen people, all professionals, who work in diverse areas such as merchandising, design and copywriting. My working day is usually full of meetings and updates by the team on projects or operational challenges.”

What made you want to apply for your current role?

“Harvey Norman is very different than anywhere else I have ever worked for one single reason... the culture. The people in Harvey Norman are what makes the difference; we are a team from the top down.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“Everyone is valued in Harvey Norman and we recognize the individuality each person brings to the team. Ideas are nurtured, and wins are celebrated.”

What would you say to someone who was considering working for Harvey Norman?

“Every career at every level in Harvey Norman is valued and each person is given opportunities to rise in the ranks or move to positions in areas they find interesting.”

Career Story Banner Adam O'Mahoney

Describe your typical day working in Harvey Norman.

“My usual day is about booking in stock and then finding space to put it away in the warehouse. I also deal with customers and get the orders for them when they arrive at the warehouse to collect them. The last bit of the day involves checking and responding to e-mails will entails booking in deliveries with the suppliers.”

Describe your typical day working in Harvey Norman.

“I applied for my position because I felt that I was very much prepared and able for the position when it became available. I wanted to take on the position for the added responsibility and to gain more experience.”

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

“I enjoy my job because of the people that I work with and the nature of the job keeps me going and challenged mentally and physically. The most unusual thing I have encountered in the job would be a customer wrapping an American style side by side on to the roof rack of the jeep of course the waiver form was signed for this.”

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

“I feel that career progression is very important as you need to feel valued and believe that there is a chance of recognition for the hard work and time that you put into your job. I feel I demonstrated this in my work which earned me my promotion to the warehouse manager from a warehouse operative when the opportunity arose.”

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

“I would be most proud of my promotion to the warehouse manager as it showed that my work has been valued and I have been given recognition for the time, effort and professionalism that I applied to my previous role.”

Describe your job in one word?


Got any tips for someone applying for a job with Harvey Norman?

“I would like to progress further up the ladder in the warehousing sector of the company.”

Got any tips for someone applying for a job with Harvey Norman?

“I would say that Harvey Norman is a good place to work and to integrate properly you need to watch and observe the existing staff to quickly learn the system to get into the job and be prepared for some difficult customer and problems and to try and not let them get to you.”

Career Story Banner Eoghan Walsh

Tell us about your career to date of working for Harvey Norman.

"I have been working with Harvey Norman for two years now and in those two years I have worked in three different roles. I started working part time as temporary Christmas staff, providing support to the ever busy Customer Assist Team. A little over two months later, I was offered a full time position with the Online Customer Service Team. This role encompassed many different responsibilities and sounded incredibly exciting and I was delighted at the opportunity of securing a full time role in the company. A little over a year later I am now working as a salesperson in one of the busiest Harvey Norman stores in the country. "

What made you want to apply for your current role?

“I applied for my current role because I wanted to experience the buzz of a retail sales floor first hand. A day in retail is never the same especially at Harvey Norman, and dealing with customers face to face helping them find exactly what they need is something that I thoroughly enjoy.”

What's your favourite part of your role?

“I really enjoy, the competition between staff members to hit targets and be part ot the top sales staff in the company. We all strive to be the best in the business in a very competitive industry and I am proud to work in the best retailer in Ireland.”

How important is career progression to you?

“Career progression is very important to me, I want to remain part of the Harvey Norman, team. The great thing about progression in Harvey Norman is that everyone has equal access to opportunities within the company. In my experience if you work hard you will be recognised and rewarded. ”

What are you most proud of achieving whilst working for Harvey Norman?

“I won a Harvey Norman Superstar award for Outstanding Performance while working with the Online Customer Assist Team. It was so rewarding to be recognised for my efforts by my colleagues, lovely to be appreciated.”

How would you describe your job in one word?


What do you hope to accomplish next at Harvey Norman?

“I hope to be a part of the illustrious Platinum Club.”

One Of Irelands Best Large Workplaces

  • Profile Pic Jonathan Martin

    Jonathan Martin - Store Manager

    “The great thing about Harvey Norman is that it gives you opportunities and it’s up to you what you do with it.”

  • Profile Pic James Spratt

    James Spratt - Digital Assets Co-ordinator

    “I started working in sales in Blanchardstown Electrical while in college, and shortly after graduating I moved to the web team as Digital Asset Coordinator in the Blanchardstown office. I look after the product images for our website & edit photos for our catalogues.”

  • Profile Pic Sandra Mutch

    Sandra Mutch - Store Manager

    “Harvey Norman cares about its employees, its customers and the local community. This is a company that listens to its employees and one I am very proud to be part of.”

  • Profile Pic Sanjay-Satheesan

    Sanjay Satheesan - Product Marketing Manager

    “What I enjoy most about working for Harvey Norman is that I can explore and meet new people. There is opportunity to travel and build a network. I’m very passionate and I get so excited when I see something I have worked on become successful.”

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