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"Welcome to the Harvey Norman Northern Ireland careers website.
Here you can find plenty of information about a career with Harvey Norman, so I would invite you to look around and get to know us better.
Retail is a fantastic career, and within our business there are many dynamic roles to choose from across a large range of disciplines. If you like working with people, if you like winning, and if you like the buzz of a high speed environment where things are ever-changing, and success can be measured, whether it be in furniture, fashion interiors, or technology, then you’ll love working at Harvey Norman."

Blaine Callard - CEO

Career Stories

Eamonn Harrington

Sofa Buyer, Head Office

Tell us about your career journeyat Harvey Norman?

My Harvey Norman journey began with a part-time computers sales job while I was in college. After I graduated, I put myself forward for a full time position and fortunately I was offered one – in Australia. I went over for a year and joined the Manager in Training programme while working in the furniture and bedding departments. When I came back home I was a furniture store manager in two different branches until last year, when I moved to my current role.

What made you want to apply foryour current role?

Buyers design and source a lot of our furniture pieces directly, which involves travelling the world to find the best products for our customers. That plus the diverse nature of the role made me want to apply.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Every time we travel to a furniture fair or walk a factory floor, there’s the anticipation of spotting a new trend or discovering something unique that our customers will love. Searching for the ‘next big thing’ is a very exciting part of the job.

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

This year when we sponsored the Ideal Home Show in the RDS, watching people’s reactions when they entered our Connected Home Show house. The design, layout and execution were all made possible by a talented Harvey Norman team that I was very lucky to be a part of. It was a real showcase for our brand, and seeing people realise how much product choice and style we offer was fantastic.

Describe your job in one word?


Got any tips for someone thinking of applying for a job?

Stop thinking, start applying!

Marius Roestoff

Store Manager, Swords

What made you want to apply for your current role?

After successfully running one of Ireland’s biggest Electrical and Computer stores I found myself looking for a new opportunity and a new challenge. This role presented itself and I found myself in uncharted waters, stepping into a retail business that I knew very little about. Every day I find myself learning something new about the furniture business.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

Working alongside some fantastic people who are very dynamic and driven to see this business succeed and spending time on the floor interacting with my customers.

What do you hope to accomplish next at Harvey Norman?

Winning the REI would be the highlight of my year. This will be a fantastic achievement for me and the whole team at Harvey Norman Blanch.

What would you say to someone who was considering working for Harvey Norman?

Companies always say that "it’s a family that work here". I can truly say that in Harvey Norman we DO work as a family. Here we work together to make this business a success! If you work hard there is always an opportunity around the corner.

Jennifer Fitzsimons

National Advertising Manager, Head Office

Tell us about your career journey at Harvey Norman?

I joined the company in 2006 as Advertising Co-ordinator. Four months later I was promoted to the position of Product and Marketing Manager in the Computers division, where I managed various categories within the division. After a couple of years there I switched back to the advertising department and took up my current role. I’m now responsible for the planning, production and execution of all of our national advertising campaigns.

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

I’m most proud of our ‘We’ll Show You How’ campaign featuring Lucy Kennedy. I helped develop the script for the TV ad, I was on set for filming and was involved in post production, and I planned the media mix to promote the campaign too. It was a really fun project to work on.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Working on so many great advertising campaigns, from brainstorming right through to development and execution.

What made you want to apply for your current role?

I had been a Product and Marketing manager for five years and was looking for a new challenge and more responsibility. I knew I could apply my existing skills from my previous advertising role and I wanted to develop new skills too, like media buying and team management.

Describe your job in one word?


Got any tips for someone thinking of applying for a job?

Be ambitious; there are great opportunities for career progression. We have a very positive culture and it’s a very rewarding company to work for. If you have a ‘let’s just get it done’ attitude, you’ll go far.

Tim Hannon

Electrical General Manager, Head Office

Tell us about your career journey at Harvey Norman?

I was actually working for the shop fitting company, fitting out the Kinsale Road store in Cork back in 2005, and got to know Harvey Norman managers. When the shop opened they offered me a job as a sales person, which I’d never done before. Luckily I loved it and became a 2IC (Assistant Manager) after around 6 months. Another year and a half later I was managing my own store. I’d only intended to keep the sales job until after Christmas, but here I am over ten years later!

What made you want to apply for your current role?

I didn’t apply for this role at all, the CEO approached me which was a complete shock! That’s one of the great things about Harvey Norman – hard work is always recognised, and you’ll be given opportunities you didn’t even know you were in the running for.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part is definitely being one of the first people in the world to try out new technologies. We travel a lot meeting brands and seeing demonstrations of the latest innovations before anyone else has even heard of them. We’re always sworn to secrecy though so I can’t tell you about them!

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

Watching people take on a new role and, after a few months, seeing that they’re better at it than I ever could have hoped for. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people.

Describe your job in one word?


Got any tips for someone thinking of applying for a job?

If you want to build a career in retail, if you like working as part of a team, and if you want to learn how to run a business rather than just work in one, then there’s really no better place to work.

Ann Murphy

Electrical Floor Manager, Little Island Store

Tell us about your career journey at Harvey Norman?

I started as a Full Time Sales Person in December 2007. By July 2010 my manager offered me a Floor manager position and I jumped at this opportunity and I haven’t looked back since.

What made you want to apply for your current role?

To be honest I didn’t apply for the position, my manager asked me if I would be interested in taking on the role. I was delighted to be considered for this and took the opportunity on wholeheartedly.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Every day, every hour brings different challenges at different times. No two days are the same. I’ve gone to work and taken part in cooking demonstrations alongside top celebrity chefs which has been very exciting but to be honest, making sales and making money is what makes me tick. I’m continuously striving to be the top Sales Person in the Country.

What’s your proudest Harvey Norman moment so far?

I won membership into the Platinum Club which I am extremely proud of. It is so nice to be rewarded when you reach your goals. It shows Harvey Norman really appreciates your efforts.

Describe your job in one word?


Got any tips for someone thinking of applying for a job?

Come along and join us if you are hardworking, sales driven, ambitious, enjoy a challenge and want to be at the top of your game. Come and be part of the best sales team there is!

Company Culture

Our Brand

Gerry Harvey, now one of Australia’s best-known retailers and global chairman of Harvey Norman, started out with one single store in Sydney in 1982. Five years later that number had risen to 13 across New South Wales, and now it stands at over 280 across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Harvey Norman's brand message is simple: ‘A great place to shop’. We pride ourselves on being energetic and entrepreneurial , offering the best range of products at the best price, providing top quality service and most of all, putting the customer above all else. Our staff are our stars, they’re the people who help achieve our mission; to be the market leading Technology, home appliances, furniture and bedding retailer in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our Customer Service Values

Our core values define the way we do business, how we treat our customers and our people, and help create the culture and environment in which we achieve excellence. They are:

  • Treat our customers and peers with dignity and respect
  • The reputation of the entire company is in the hands of each individual
  • Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well
  • Great customer service is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition
  • Be a person of your word

The fact that we have so many long serving members of staff is a testament to our vibrant, driven, dynamic and sociable work culture. From training and bonding exercises to daily store and head office operations, teamwork is at the heart of it all. Every member of the extended Harvey Norman family is motivated, gives their best every day, goes the extra mile without a second thought, and loves what they do.

There are also plenty of opportunities to have fun with your co-workers away from the shop floor or the office; we have an active social calendar that includes working events such as department and all-divisional conferences, gala balls, public exhibitions and shows that Harvey Norman participates in, and much more. There’s never a dull moment!

Our Company Values

Our company values are key to the success and progress of Harvey Norman, we strive to achieve and implement centres of excellence in all aspects of our company. They are:

  • We are a positive, optimistic, and Fun Place to Work
  • We are Customer Obsessed
  • We are Proud of our Company
  • We are Straight Talking
  • We Recognize Great Teams and People
  • We are always Promoting
  • We are four departments, but one company
  • We grow our Own - we try to promote from within
  • We are Honest, Trustworthy Fair and Supportive

What Makes YOU An Ideal Candidate?

If you’re dedicated, people-oriented, love tackling new challenges and have an interest in retail, then you’re perfect for us.

We encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit that is part of the unique culture of Harvey Norman, and we provide our employees with the training and tools needed to be autonomous in developing this within themselves and the company.

The majority of our senior staff have worked their way up from the shop floor, so if you’re willing to work hard, be a team player, and do your best day in, day out, your career at Harvey Norman could go anywhere.

Career Benefits

Training and Development

We provide extensive training in all areas of our business, with a dedicated training centre and training team. Our Manager in Training programme prepares staff for the next step in their career journey, and we always look towards talented employees first for promotional opportunities.

Store Discounts and Exclusive Offers

All Harvey Norman employees and their immediate family members can avail of staff discounts in any Harvey Norman store. As well as that, we also offer exclusive staff offers and regular supplier purchase offers. Twice a year we hold a family and friends night, where your loved ones can also purchase at discount prices.

Subsidised Health Insurance

We offer subsidised health insurance from Laya Healthcare, as well as a sick pay scheme should you encounter a period of ill health.

Rewards programmes

We acknowledge hard work and those who go the extra mile with a series of rewards programmes, including the WOW Customer Service Awards; the Superstar Awards for outstanding performance; and our Platinum Club for target smashing salespeople (to name a few).

Long Service Recognition

If you’re with us for the long haul, we recognise your loyalty by offering additional annual leave days, long service certificates and rewards, and (subject to approval), unpaid leave of absences. If that's not enough, you even get your birthday off! The more time you spend working with us, the greater the rewards.

Travel Costs

For training events, we cover accommodation, food and transport costs. We help you save by participating in the Bike to Work scheme and the Travel Tax Saver scheme.

Interested in working with us?

Harvey Norman are always looking for hard working, enthusiastic people to join us in one of our 2 stores in Northern Ireland. Join a fast paced work environment where you will get the opportunity to work with like minded people who have a passion for retail.

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