Mattress Protector

Buying Guide

Need help deciding which mattress protector you need? Follow our simple guide to ensure you purchase the protector most suited to your needs. Our mattress is one of our most important investments. We are here to make sure you get the most out of it.

Why purchase a protector?


Protects the mattress from bacteria

Bacteria love warm, humid places to live. By simply adding a protector to our mattress we can prevent the growth of bacteria and even fungi. It stops the likes of dead skin cells, pet dander, dust mites and other particles from reaching the mattress.


Protects us from allergic reactions

Did you know Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of asthma in the world? 10% of children and young adults have more than one allergy (such as eczema, asthma and nasal allergies). Mould and Dust mites, two of the top causes of allergies, can cling onto cloth surfaces such as bedding. By purchasing a protector we can prevent the growth of both allergens and in turn help prevent allergic reactions.


Prolongs the life of your mattress

Not only will a protector protect your health, it also prolongs the life of your mattress. Your mattress will be fully shielded against accidents, spills, and stains. In some cases, a protector can even protect the warranty of your mattress (This will depend on the brand).

Dermofresh Technology

Fiber of natural and sustainable origin: TENCEL™

The closed production system means that solvents are almost 100% recycled.

Tencel fibres are incredibly soft as well as eco-friendly. It is renowned for its intrinsic moisture wicking properties making this the perfect material for anyone with sensitive skin. Tencel fibres are long lasting as, unlike cotton, they do not shrink. It helps to regulate the body temperature naturally. It is a 100% natural and compostable fibre. You can sleep with ease, knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

Unique with zinc oxide.

The sheet that takes care of you while you rest.

Zinc Oxide is incorporated into the Tencel fibre providing permanent antibacterial protection without any harmful chemicals. The Zinc oxide also provides exceptional dermatologic tolerance which has been clinically tested. While you sleep the Zinc Oxide works to regenerate your skin cells naturally all the while reducing any unpleasant odours.

Second skin membrane.

The only membrane that acts like a second skin.

This discreet and smooth membrane is 100% waterproof and breathable. It will ensure your mattress is fully protected against any accidents, spillages or perspiration whilst still allowing airflow.

Our Mattress Protector Range

Expertly designed using super soft tencel fibre, this protector provides all the exceptional benefits of Dermofresh Technology, a technology exclusive to us. The perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin.


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The Cosmetic protector is the perfect option if you are in search of extra comfort. Benefiting from the Dermofresh technology, this protector also has another layer which is jacquard and quilted ensuring a restful night’s sleep.


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Designed with state-of-the-art technology, the popular Polaris protector aids in regulating the body temperature ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The added fibre ‘Tsunooga’ helps to reduce the body temperature by around 1 degrees. Perfect for anyone who is a warm sleeper.


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Completely encase your mattress with the patented Bug Secure protector. Fully protecting your mattress against bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, moistures, bacterial and fungal growth. Our 6-sided protector is perfect for anyone who suffers with allergies, respiratory conditions, eczema, and psoriasis. We would also recommend this product to anyone in the rental or hotel industry.

Bug Secure

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