Joseph Joseph | Elevate Utensil Carousel Set


The Elevate utensil carousel is a great addition to any home. It's innovative design is not only extremely useful, but also very stylish. It's practical use is inherent. Each tool has been designed with a tool rest and weighted handle. This ensures that when the untensil is placed down the head remains off the work area.This design was introduced to promote hygiene when cooking and preparing food. It also minimises clean up times.

The set is comprised of the essential kitchen tools. This includes spoons, turners, tongs and spatulas. They all come with silicone handles for a soft,safe grip. Their nylon heads are perfect for use with non-stick pans and are dishwasher safe. The carousel is made from tough ABS plastic and includes a non stick base. It is perfect for storing the utensils on the kitchen worktop. Simply twist the top of the carousel to choose your tool.

Product Features
  • Six essential utensils
  • Weighted handles and tool rest
  • Silicone Handles
  • Carousel Stand

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