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Whether you're just starting out a new fitness regime or you're a season athlete, Harvey Norman's range of Connected Health & Fitness products can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Connected Health - Let's Get Physical

Connected Health & Fitness merges the latest health & fitness technology with your smartphone to provide a great way to monitor & achieve your health goals. All these sync back to 1 central app on your smart phone to give you a complete overview of your health at a quick glance.

  • Monitor - use an activity tracker to monitor your activity during the day. Track distance walked, calories burned & stairs climbed. Set yourself a daily step goal and see how you get on
  • Measure - using a connected body scales you can measure weight, body mass index (BMI) or body composition. Blood pressure monitors are a simple way to see an indictation of your current wellbeing.
  • Maintain - set yourself goals and stick to it. These products will help keep you motivated with reminders if you're falling behind your target. Get your friends involved too and create leader boards and share your info to Facebook and Twitter from the free smart phone apps.
Fitness Activity Trackers Fitness Activity Trackers

At some stage in our lives, many of us make the lifestyle decision to get fit and healthy. There are lots of important reasons - both physically and mentally - why we should be focused on our health and wellbeing.

  • Lose weight, reduce body fat and decrease the risk of obesity-related health issues
  • Boost cardiovascular stamina
  • Build muscle and strengthen bones
  • Increase immune system and reduce risk of illness
  • Improve mood, self-esteem and mental health (reduce stress and anxiety)
  • Enhance brain function and overall energy
  • Better sleep patterns

Connected Health & Fitness

Whatever your motivation to get into shape, there's a Connected Health & Fitness product solution to help everyone along their health and fitness journey:

  • Gauge improvements in your fitness with blood pressure monitors and activity trackers
  • Measure your body weight, fat percentage, fluid retention and muscle mass with modern body composition scales, offering a range of advanced features over bathroom scales that simply monitor body weight
  • Activity trackers with Sleep monitoring help to assess your sleep quality and provide useful information on sleeping patterns
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