Harvey Norman Product Care Hotline: +353-1-866-6166

Online Product Care Claim: Click Here



 No unexpected repair costs:Product Care covers all parts, labor and call out fees.

Authorized Repair Network: Product Care will only use an authorized repairer network which means the job is done the right the first time.

Complete cover: Product Care covers all Electronic, Electrical and mechanical faults.



Global Coverage: Your goods can be repaired any where there is Harvey Norman. You are covered in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovenia and Ireland.






 If the product cant be repaired we'll replace it with a new product.



 Lemon Clause: If we replace the same part 3 times We’ll replace the product for a new one.




 Extend the life of your product: No need to buy a new product when your current product is still covered under Product Care.





Easy Claims Process: Just one phone call gets the repair started. No lengthy paper work to fill out.

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