Joseph Joseph | Elevate Carousel with Knives


The Elevate carousel comes with a 6-piece knife set and rotating knife block. The Elevate range was specifically designed to improve hygiene and minimise mess when in use. Each Knife has a weighted handle which is ergonomically designed. The weighted handle combined with the integrated tool rest, ensures the knife head is always raised when it is placed on the work surface. This minimises the mess usually caused by placing the knife down.

Each Knife is made from high-quality stainless-steel and have silicone-coated blades which are also non stick. The handles where ergonomically designed which ensures they are a comfortable use. The carousel rotates its extremely stylish and sturdy body. It has a non slip base and magnetic knife slots that hold the knifes snuggly and safely in place. The innovative design ensures that you can put any Elevate knife into any slot on the carousel.

Product Features
  • Innovative tool rest
  • Comfort handles
  • Rotating, Universal, Magnetic Knife Block
  • Silicone coated Blades

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