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K3 Gel
Gel cubes are temperature sensitive, working to keep you cool throughout the night while providing a durable, supportive and incredibly comfortable surface to rest on.
Gel Visco combines the benefits of both gel and memory foam in one, so you can enjoy a cool, breathable, supportive mattress that contours to your body and offers supreme comfort.
Luxurious Latex is a unique blend of natural and synthetic latex. The result is a highly resilient, smooth and hygienic mattress that offers long lasting comfort every night.
Pocket springs work individually to contour to your body and evenly distribute weight as you sleep. They also absorb movement as you toss and turn for minimum partner disturbance.
Bonnell springs are the tried and tested traditional spring system used in mattresses for decades, providing consistent support and shape no matter how much you toss and turn.
The Miracoil 3 spring system offers zoned support across your body, providing pressure relief, edge to edge support and an undisturbed sleep, no matter how often you move.
Dual Coil
The dual coil spring system features an outer coil and tighter inner coil for added deep down support; ideal for those who require extra support.
Encapsulated Support
An encapsulated support unit surrounds the mattress to ensure the pocket springs retain their shape and position for long-term durability.

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We don't just sell mattresses. We research, design, improve and sleep on them ourselves.


Produced in Ireland since 1898, O’ Dearest are a family of sleep experts who have been helping the nation sleep better for generations.


Hailing from Co. Meath, Therapedic cater to all types of sleepers with a luxurious range of natural, latex and combination mattresses.


A cooler way to sleep! This cutting-edge range is teaming with intuitive gel beads for what dreams are made of.


A Harvey Norman original, Thermopure is the result of in-depth research and collaboration with Kaymed, the largest mattress producer in the UK & Ireland.


World leaders in the science of sleep, Sealy are committed to helping you become a deeper sleeper.

King Koil

The crème de la crème of viscoelastic sleep surfaces, our home-grown King Koil collection are proudly produced under one roof in Co. Kildare.

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